Game Design Challenge: The Legend of the 3 Orbs

It seems some of you are running out of ideas for making new games, so I have a proposal: Let’s make a game design challenge! If this is successful, I might repeat such challenges.


  1. The title of you game is “The Legend of the 3 Orbs”.
  2. Your get 3 weeks to finish your game, so the deadline is the 12th of March.
  3. You can keep your game secret until then, or make your development public so you can already receive early feedback.
  4. Starting from the 12th of March, everyone can play each others games and comment on them.
  5. There is no winner. The goal is to become better game designers by practicing your craft, getting feedback from others, and learning from what others did.

If you want to enter this competition, leave a reply at the forum post. I will update this post and list all entrants here:


1. Ponderingpinky

Known from the game Hero for Hire.

2. Cynic-P

Known from the game Crimson Children.

3. Aura

Known from A Lill’ Girls Tale and Clair’s Christmas of Wonders.

4. Comprehensible

Known from Falling Glory.

5. Ez Me

6. Flaimora

7. Koonsolo

Yeah, me! I want to get familiar with my own program again, so what is better than joining this challenge? 🙂

8. Mystify

Made the game World of a Purple Something

Release 0.31: New technology and moving monsters/animals

The previous few months I have been porting RPG Playground from Flash to HTML5. It was necessary for 2 things:

  1. The Flash technology is going extinct
  2. Walking monsters were too slow in Flash, and I didn’t want to optimize a technology that I was going to replace anyway

So, the good news is that everything seems to be running OK, and I didn’t even have to optimize the moving monsters :). But to be honest, I’m not 100% sure that everything will still work as expected. So if you see any weird stuff, let me know!

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Interview with BazookaGuy

BazookaGuy is creating games by the minute: The Advice Fairy, The Richest Man Alive, Gamer and George The Gifted were all created in a short amount of time. So let’s find out more about him.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself? How old you are, where you live, how you spend your days, etc?

I’m currently 11 years old, I live in Dagenham, UK and when I’m not in school, I’m either working on a new game, watching YouTube videos or making ‘Beats’.

Are you watching any YouTube video’s related to making games?

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Release 0.29: Bugfixes

I uploaded a new version of RPG Playground on the website. It is mainly to fix various bugs:

  • Problems with saving a project with lots of levels
  • Unable to resize a large map
  • Scrolling of levels had some issues
  • Deleting a level went wrong

Remark that I changed a lot of fundamental code, so other bugs might appear. Please let me know if something strange is happening!

One other thing: I removed navigation with the mouse, and so you can only move the hero with the keyboard. But an info dialog will pop up with instructions.

Release 0.28: restart game + little surprise

A new version of RPG Playgound is online where you can restart your game. This is a must have feature for when you start killing monsters (or when getting killed).

And, I have a little surprise for you: Press the ‘f’ key inside an RPG Playground game and find out (not in edit mode) :). It’s currently only visual, so it doesn’t impact the game yet.

The ‘f’ key will be replace with something better in the future, but for now it is still hidden functionality.

Release 0.27: new “teleport” screenplay action

RPG Playground screenplays now have an extra action that can teleport the hero to another level. In your story, a wizard could for example magically transport the hero to another dimension.

The action is on the hero and pretty straight forward:

hero teleports to door "YourDoor" at "YourLevel"

With YourLevel as the target level, and YourDoor as the target door. You just need to correctly type in the door and level names.

To make things easy, the “Insert Action” button on top of the screenplay dialog now also features this new action. Select your hero as subject, and after that you can select the “teleports to …” action. No typing required!

Now that this is finished, my next task is to let the hero swing a sword! I know a lot of you have been waiting for combat, so expect some progress on that soon :).

Can your system run the future version of RPG Playground?

As you might know, RPG Playground is currently using Adobe Flash in your web browser. But unfortunately, yesterday Adobe announced that they will discontinue Flash in 2020. This means I have to port RPG Playground to another platform.

Don’t panic, I saw this coming a long time ago. I knew that at a certain point I had to port RPG Playground to something else. Due to how I implemented it, it will not take a super amount of work, and I will do it while implementing combat.

It might also have the nice benefit that you will be able to play RPG Playground games on your mobile phone and tablet! 🙂

But just to make sure, can everyone check if you can play Adventureroads on your computer? I will use that same HTML5 technology with the same libraries. But I want to make sure that your system can run it. And if possible, also check your mobile phone or tablet. If it works, this will mean you will be able to play RPG Playground on those devices too.

Let me know in the comments or through social media if this game works or not. Thanks!