World of a Purple Something

World of a Purple Something

by Mistify

A death has occurred.

It causes many reactions from the citizens and others. Some cry for the loss, some don’t accept it, and other’s don’t believe it to be true.

Despite of how it’s responded to it is quite clear that this death has gained the people’s attention.

How curious.

Who is this fallen one? Why does everyone seems to concern themselves with them? Is it a good or is it an evil? It’s all very questionable to say the least.

Perhaps in order to find out truth…

…one must first find the secrets to reveal it.

Just, a word of advice as you take this journey…

…don’t die yourself.

A Lill’ Girls Tale

A Lill’ Girls Tale

by Aura


Lill is an orphan living in an Orphanage in the Forest! One day Mrs Fye, the Mistress of the Orphanage, calls her, to tell her that her Birthday Present was taken by a cat and she has to find it! Lill starts to search the cat – and eventually gets involved into something bigger…!

Solve the riddle of the missing birthday present… And join Lill on her journey to another realm! Will she find fortune – or misery?