7 Little Exorcists (Part One)

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    There once was a team of exorcists who struck fear and salvation throughout those who lived in the land-- fear to the demons, salvation to the people. Rumours said their leader was a demon himself, others said he was and angel. One day, the group suddenly and mysteriously disappeared, leaving the people defenseless against the darkness.

    The people cried out for them to return again, and they wished to again see their leader in all his wrath-- the terror of the light, the darkness that swallowed the darkness!

    Now, one exorcist searches for a purpose and to reunite with old friends...


    1.) This was the very first game I ever made on here, with a few-- a lot-- of changes. I worked on this for a month before I accidently saved another file over it (closest I ever got to jumping out of a building). Now, after, like, six months, it's done! So, I hope you enjoy.


    3.) It's not perfect. I just KNOW there's something wrong with it!!! So let me know fam 😉

    Just some thoughts
    So, lord and savior @Koonsolo put Crimson Children on the Showcase page, so I'm really excited about that. You should check it out. I finally finished its first part, so I'm gonna get right on part 2; it's a bit hard because I'm always trying to do new things and add new mechanics, as if you've played Return to Grace before it died (RIP in piece) then you know, but sometimes there's a dry spell in my head and I just sit in front of the screen like \(O3o)/ ...

    Anyway, I'm really happy with the way this one turned out. The only thing I'm a bit iffy about is the speed of the plot. I feel like it goes to fast; actually, I really felt that way with Crimson Children, too. I have to work at slowing things down and feeding plot details a little at a time. The other thing that irks me is that my levels weren't as nice as CC. In CC, I spent hours on aesthetics alone, but here I just kind of put them together and focused more on dialogue; which is also an annoyance to me that I didn't put in any puzzles or the like like I usually do. I'll definitely do that in Part 2!

    Let me know what you think, though.


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