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    Ah, nah.
    I won’t copy anything.
    I usually just use it for things like “Oh, so that’s how you can connect buildings” or “I see how to drape those vines now”
    I’m still a newbie when it comes to colors and design and what looks good to the human eye.
    Learn’ed every day though!
    That’s one thing I like about RPG Playground. Gives real life ideas of what people are attracted too and what they subconsciously expect out of games and whatnot.



    Have you done designing sceneries like this before?



    Yes. With RPG Maker.
    I also like to paint and write…! 🙂

    And don’t worry:
    I didn’t really think you would copy my whole game – it was just a (bad) joke… ^^;

    Besides: I reckon your effort – No one is born a master!
    When I create a scenery, I always change it a thousand times (at least that’s how it feels) until it’s perfect. Like placing some green, then it’s too much and I delete it; then I place green again and so on – until it’s perfect and fits in the scenery. It’s always a lot of experimenting!
    And believe me: It’s a lot of work, even a halfway small teritory as the mines is the result of hours of work!
    It’s always learning by doing. And if you can learn by looking at my maps, I think that’s great!
    Keep up the good work! 😉



    Wow, That makes me feel a lot more confident now.
    Thanks (^_^)

    (heh heh, Beautiful bad joke btw.)

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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