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    Dear Koonsolo

    I love your game engine. It’s fast, easy and well made. There are a few problems that are making it hard to continue:

    rooms are hard to make functional with doors because it can’t have more than 30 rooms. And after you make 25 rooms, you can’t make doors connect to them. Because you can’t click on the rooms. :/

    I am making a big game and I can’t continue because RPG playground won’t let me. Please fix this in the next update.

    Thank you.



    Unfortunately, as Communism has taught us, free things are not unlimited things. That being said, an easy solution to your grievance is to make multiple parts. I use this in my own creation, and it is fine. In fact, it’s often pretty advantageous as you can copy certain rooms onto the new part without having to recreate it and it saves space.

    RPG Playground can only hold so much, as if you’ve placed a hundred actors in a scene you’ll see. But it’s free and easy. You can’t expect everything for nothing, but there are ways to get around it; be creative.



    Thanks for the suggestion (and creative solution!).

    Since I’m still only doing this in my spare time, my time is pretty limited. So when I develop a new feature, I skip as much functionality as possible. I indeed intentionally skipped adding a scrollbar. Because I thought that if that functionality is needed, someone will complain. If nobody complains then it’s good I saved the time of implementing a feature nobody needs.

    But since you need it, it’s on my task list now :).



    Thank you Koonsolo for responding. Cynic-p, how were you able to copy a room? I also LOVE this site!




    Hey, it’s pretty easy. So, you just take the same file you’re working on and then save it as a different file.Whatever change you make to this new file will not interfere with the original, just remember which file you saved as what.

    For example, say I’m working on a game that’s very long. First, I’d create part one. Once part one is finished, I’d save it as “part one”. Then, I’d save it again as “Part Two”. You would have all of the rooms you had in part one, and you can delete the ones you don’t need.

    Another thing that might help you out is that if you have houses you can explore, make them open so that you don’t have to use up one of the 30 rooms.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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