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    I went to go change some code for a character, and I couldn’t edit it, because the editor was completely blank. It wouldn’t let me add anything, and when I deleted the sprite and replaced it, the same thing happened.
    It's a picture of the bug I'm trying to report.
    Thank you for looking at this, Koen!



    I’ll take a look at it.



    Yeah, the same thing is happening for me >:( literally yesterday I was finishing off my new game and the field was blank. This is what I do.
    1) Save the game
    2) Reload the site
    3) Log in again
    It’s annoying but for some reason it happens 🙁



    I’ve had this happen to me many times though there is a way to get out of it. Basically the text hasn’t disappeared it’s just been hidden. To get it to show again…
    Exit out of full screen
    click on character
    click on button “on touch” (and text should show)
    click out
    full screen
    and it should work normally

    It’s a bit of a hassle but it’s worked for me.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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