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    No story just make some $sugge$tions and explore.



    Hello! I would love to give you some suggestions, but I’m not sure which one is yours. Would you mind linking it? Thank you! I really look forward to seeing what you made!



    New games! New games! \(^-^)/



    Every time I see a new game here, I’m getting excited. Looking forward to your game. ^-^


    here is the game by the way, sorry I forgot to add the link
    The Game



    The link leads to the “Make”-Page… Did you pick the wrong link?
    *wanna see the game* 🙂



    The forum is acting strange when posting a game link, so I fixed the original link. Now it should point to the game.

    And a second thing: Aura, your last messages was flagged as spam somehow :(. And I saw some other messages flagged as spam, so I will look into it that this doesn’t happen again.

    Now going to check out the game… 🙂



    Sorry, didn’t mean to spam… :/



    I like you’re demo!
    I’ve always had a problem with using too many words in my game but your game really displays a nice amount of words. Thanks for the example! \(^_^)


    I have a brand new idea, instead of searching a castle, you will search a manor (since thats a bit easier to build -_-“)



    I like the restaurant. And that you can interact with almost everything. It’s a bit empty right now, but I’m sure you are still working on that…
    Looking forward to see what you’ll have created until your next update! ^^


    okay, bad news. I managed to make a forest and mansion yesterday. unfortunately it wouldn’t load and I ended up deleting it….(so thats 6 hours down the drain) but I’ll put the same effort today and maybe tomorrow



    Hey. I’ve had the problem that when you do only graphical work (placing ground, walls, items ect.), it would not save the progress! But there’s a way to evade that by placing an event or editing it before saving…
    So if you want to save a changed area, just edit/create an event every time before saving and it will save your work.
    Dunno if this may be the issue here too – just an advice! ^-^



    6 hours down the drain,
    Ouch! That’s painful… (>.<)
    I had some trouble with saving things yesterday too. Then I couldn’t even get onto the site cause of a hosting problem looks like.



    I also can’t load a newly saved game.
    Like make a new game, save it, but can’t load it again.
    Any of you have this problem?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)

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