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    Hello, I don’t know why the error in this screenshot is showing.



    You have more than 4 spaces on the lines after the else.



    I see why… The if and else have to be on the same indent level. I rewrote it and changed some things, tested it, and it works. It would be written;


    if hero lacks token “Quest #1: Missing Animals 100%”

    (four spaces)hero says “Hello.”

    (four spaces)Animal_Guy says “Please find my missing animals!”

    (four spaces)hero says “OK!”

    (four spaces)hero receives token “Quest #1: Missing Animals 0%”

    (four spaces)interface info text becomes “Quest #1: Missing Animals”


    (four spaces)interface info text becomes “Quest #1: Finished”

    (four spaces)hero says “Here’s your animals!”

    (four spaces)Animal_Guy says “Thanks! Please take 5$ as a reward!”

    (four spaces)hero number of “coins” increases with 10

    (four spaces)interface info text becomes “”




Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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