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    I just finished a little demo called Falling Glory. It’s my first published game, so I would really love some feedback on it! A couple of my concerns are: did the soundtrack I recommend fit the game? Did the battle mechanics make sense, and were they engaging? Did all of the story elements make sense? I know I messed up a little there, and I’m hoping it isn’t too obvious. Thanks for taking your time to do this, and I really appreciate it!



    The link of the game is here: http://rpgplayground.com/falling-glory-demo/



    It’s interesting how you evaded the missing battle system with using doors to defend and attack!
    Well done on this!
    It’s quite a good game so far.
    But here are a few tips:
    A story of a game always needs a climax, which you work towards! To make your game interesting, make sure you don’t reveal too much at the beginning, but instead let the player learn more of the story step by step – until you reach the point where it’s all revealed.
    You wouldn’t want to play a game where you rush through, would you? So it’s also important to give the player time to explore several things or let them find something out by themselves…
    The idea of the messiah saving the world isn’t bad! But maybe you can add some ‘highlioghts’ in the story wich would make it more interesting…
    Also, right now, your game reads like a book. Because you added many thoughts. That’s not a bad thing though – just be careful not to add too much text so it won’t get boring…
    Otherwise, your game has much potential and for your first try, it’s very well done!

    Hope that helped,



    Thanks for the feedback! I’ll definitely keep that in mind!



    Dude! I did the same kinda thing with the angel of death thing! Nice!
    Though I had not though of a way to create a battle scenario. I like it. I also like the detail you’ve put in when the play choose to not follow directions and attacks again when the fairy says to defend.
    One eye catching thing in it was the castle gate. It just stood out to me for some reason.
    Nice game.



    Yes. I definitely agree that it’s a nice game! I didn’t mean to say it is not…
    I’m looking forward to your next update! 😉



    Yes. I agree that it’s a nice game! I didn’t mean so say it was not…
    I’m looking forward to your next update. 😉

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