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    1.: Delete/erase events
    I thought that the option to delete/erase events would be very useful!
    Like when you talked to somebody and he/she joins your party, but is still standing around somewhere… That just wouldn’t make sense!

    2.: Shop and item system
    This is self-explanatory. You need items to heal/recover mana ect. and different weapons/armory for different levels.
    And a shop system to buy what you need atm.

    3.: Quest system
    This could actually make it easier to find out where you have to go in larger games!
    It should show your current task and the completion of that task…
    Like this:
    Search for a way to get out of the dungeon!
    Switches 0/4 activated

    Okay that was all… But maybe someone else has another idea – feel free to post!

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    I second that Quest System thing.



    Sorry for my late reply, but I was thinking about that Quest system.

    I deliberately postpone the quest/items/equipment/XP dialog that RPG’s have, so I can focus more on the action adventure aspect. And at first glance the quest thing is part of that dialog (so postponed).

    But I might have found a quicker way to implement a simple system for that. What I can do is show the quest on the top right of the game window. And with screenplays you could set this quest text.

    Would that work for you?



    Sounds good to me.



    Yep. I approve.
    It’s a good solution – until the engine is advanced enough to talk about what I posted above…^^

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    I have a few things i want in a battle system or something like that
    Firstly i would like to have a ‘Level System’
    This could include : Level, Attack, Defense, Speed, Class, Weapon and Armor

    Then i would also like a shop system with: Shopkeeper type and various different items.

    I would also aprecciate if you could choose your battle system in the editor screen.
    There you could choose between different battle systems like : Open world battle, D&D , Turn based, etc

    I’d like if we had an inventory system where you could : Equip items, use healing or other types of items and potions, manage your stuff and move items to chests.

    I also want Chests. This would be a place where: you could find items and store them.



    Those are good ideas.
    I think Koonsolo has a few of those in his “Release Roadmap”
    So they’re in the plans it looks like. (^_^)



    Of course, if we include this, we should also include a screenplay action that shows your stats.



    I know I’m very late, but maybe use the interface info text script. When ever you get a switch, you receive a token, and you go to the quest-giver (Whoever gave the quest) and it updates the quest to “1/4” or “2/4” etc… OR, the shorter way, is when you get a switch, just make a line saying;

    interface info text becomes “Switches 1/4 activated” or “Switches 2/4 activated..”



    When this topic was first posted, we didn’t have the interface info text yet. But after I made it, I forgot to post here that you can do it like that.

    So thank you for explaining how you can do it now. 🙂



    Oh, okay. I don’t exactly know when things weren’t here since I just started using the rpg playground site a few days ago. (About a week and a half.)  Anyway, this is a random question, but can you check the Show your Game forum? I just uploaded a topic, (Dungeon, Start!) and I really want some suggestions, and feedback on it. It isn’t done, as I am still working on Dungeon 2 at the moment, (beware, a puzzle is there!)

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