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    Hey game designers,

    I’m working on the new release which will include a fully functional combat system. I currently have the following functionality ready:

    1. The hero has health
    2. Enemies attack your hero and possibly kill it
    3. After the kill, there is a GAME OVER screen, and the only option is to restart the game.
    4. An animated health potion pickup (which can be adapted in the future to include any icon you want, such as weapon pickups, scrolls, food, coins, etc)
    5. New GUI elements of a health bar, a weapon slot, and a new dialog (in this case displaying the game over)
    6. Game engine with better performance (running a steady 60 frames per second on my system, also when having the editor open)
    7. Fixed weird door behavior
    8. Made the enemies easier to beat

    Before making a new release however, I want to give you the option to disable combat.

    Existing games will not have combat enabled by default (so not to break them), and new games will have it enabled by default. So I want to make it configurable before making the new release. I see a lot of you are making story heavy games without combat, so I don’t want to mess things up.

    Configuring combat will open up a whole bunch of other configuration options, such as walk speeds, enemy behavior, etc. But I’m still working on that part.

    I hope you are as excited as I am for this upcoming release! 🙂




    That looks awesome, I’m super excited! 😀 Thank you!



    Nice to see you’re making great progress! I’m very excited for the coming updates! 😉



    Excited level = Over 9000




    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention one more thing that I implemented (which will become available with the new release):

    An invisible actor that you can walk over. Kind of like a sensitive floor plate or something. This would make it easier to autostart a screenplay, without the hero being blocked by it.



    Worked some more on things that need to get done before the release:

    1. Reworked the textfield, because sometimes it acted weird in screenplays. Now it also supports selecting text with the shift key or dragging the mouse. You can then replace or delete the text inside it.

    I’m now implementing configuring the actors, health first.

    I also updated the roadmap with a nice roadmap graphic. I mostly needed this for myself, to have a clear view of my thoughs. This way it’s easier to select which features to work on next. But it still gives a nice overview of where I want to take this project :).

    White area is what I’m working on now, light grey what I will do next, and dark grey where I want to take the project at some point.



    Can you add more options for NPCs?

    I want the ability for them to follow the hero or other NPCs.

    Do you think you can make the NPCs able to move around on their own (like the dogs,cats,and monsters), without the player being forced to interact with them?

    Possibly make the NPCs have an option to lie down, or die from being attacked?

    Could you please add an option for monsters to be friendly, and not always hostile. This would allow you to provide a wider range of story and variety in the world you are creating.

    I am anxious to see what you do with this site and game creator. I thank you for allowing people to use this without paying. It will open up all kinds of possibilities for the future.



    Showing the new combat in action:



    RPG Playground has come a long way since I first joined. The new features are amazing! Keep up the good work, Koen! I can’t wait to build some tester levels!




    @deWiTTERS Woohoo! Sitewide release 🙂 I’m going to have to go back through my levels and drop some health potions haha. I think I’m most excited about using the pressure plate actor in the story I’ve got going on. Since I hadn’t started it in beta, I didn’t want to try and load it that way. Ahhhh, so much work I’m excited to do now that its been upgraded!

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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