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    Hey guys! Tell me what you think of my game so far, keeping in mind I have not yet implemented any of the (optional) story, and none of the side-quests yet. It is currently only a walk-around-and-do-nothing game…

    Also, do not question why you start in the graveyard, it will be explained later in the game… 😉

    Try Here!

    (Also, some teleports are currently glitchy, I am working on it…)

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    I have added a place to the north of the graveyard, it is not complete, but it is there…

    (There is a glitch occasionally with teleporting to the new location, it should be fixed soon, until then, manually move yourself via the editing menu)

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    The teleports in RPG Playground act weird sometimes, I will have to look into it further.

    Although you could fix some of those portals. Make sure you also set a target door in each of the doors, so that the hero ends up in the right spot on that level.

    Your game has a lot of potential, I like it!




    I have fixed most, if not all, of the doors. I have also changed the interaction with the ancient book slightly…




    I have added some new npcs. These include:
    Deirdre, the girl in the library
    Haamte, a cult member in the cult hideout
    Marcine, the girl by the violets
    Leanne, the girl by the roses

    There is also a new sidequest!!! Help Marcine and Leanne exchange love letters! Will Leanne share Marcine’s feelings?
    [TRIGGER WARNING] Marcine and Leanne are both girls, please don’t hate me for this…

    I have also added interactions with several people/things, including:
    Dialogue with Deirdre, I feel bad for her, if only she knew how Romeo and Juliet ended…
    Dialogue with Haamte, I have no idea what he’s talking about either…
    An interaction with the weird thing the cult worships…
    Marcine and Leanne’s quest, isn’t love wonderful?

    That’s all I have for now, a new update might be soon though…




    At the end of the dialogue between Marcine and Leanne, you could let them go to each other! That would be nice.

    And I hope we are all open minded here for not hating you for this :).



    I will work on that as soon as I get the chance!

    Also, thank you for not judging me for the creation of Marcine and Leanne!




    This has almost nothing to do with the game, except it is the earliest incarnation of the game…

    It’s Right Here!

    So yeah, this WAS the game I was working on before the one this thread is about… I discovered how to actually use RPG Playground and decided to start over rather than fix everything. It WILL be unfinished and buggy, so don’t complain, I have no intention to fix it…




    At the end of the Marcine/Leanne quest, Marcine runs over to Leanne, if you try to talk to them after this, they will simply ignore you and tell each other that they love each other…


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    New NPCs, including:
    Pearl-Mrs. Pethrew’s youngest daughter, Peter’s younger sister, Patrick’s non-identical twin
    Patrick-Mrs. Pethrew’s youngest son, Peter’s younger brother, Pearl’s non-identical twin
    Petunia-Mrs. Pethrew’s eldest daughter, Peter’s older sister
    Bailey-Mrs. Barnielle’s daughter, hero’s older sister, Brighid’s identical twin sister
    Brighid-Mrs. Barnielle’s daughter, hero’s older sister, Bailey’s identical twin sister
    Captain Marc-A drunk sailor in the pub

    Pethrew House Interior Remodel

    That is all i can think of at the moment, I hope it is everything…




    Added a new house into Homend… MARCINE’S HOUSE!

    Not much, but, as rude as it may seem to go into a girl’s room uninvited, there is a secret in Marcine’s room…

    In the future, Marcine’s Family will be added…




    Added a new function, well, a few!

    Brick the Pub Guard is now dynamic, and moves and such, but he is a little buggy, I will try to fix…

    Luvluv Flowers! This adds the love interest mechanic! Only one character can be selected as your love interest at the moment…
    Upon completion the love interest mechanic will go like this:
    -Use the Luvluv flower to make someone love you
    -Do certain things to level up your love with them
    -Use another item to break them out of the trance
    -Depending on what you did, they will either still love you or not…

    That’s about it… so… bye!



    This game is really awesome, and I think it has a lot of potential! The Marcine/Leanne was so adorable! 😀 You mentioned having trouble with Brick’s code, so I took a look at it. Usually, figuring it out yourself is the best way to learn, but here’s a hint: indentation. I thought the dream world area was really cool! It makes me wonder what the ring is… there are so many mysteries in your world that I can’t wait to figure out! Great work!

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