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    Mystify’s Legend of the 3 Orbs



    The Poison Forest is Possible… It just took me 7 trys to pass it.



    Great game! Really gripping!
    I was going crazy cause of that forest!!
    It’s late here already and I got tired of starting over and over again… So I cheated lol 😛
    But I did the underground and mountain area on my own! (Be proud of me xD)

    No really – great game so far! Wanna play the next part!



    Heh heh, I know. That forest aggravates even me. BUT IT IS POSSIBLE!!! I managed to do it.
    Yeah! I just finished this piece today so shall start continuing on forward now!



    Whoa, this is really awesome! I love what you did with the poison forest, it’s so clever! I got the orb and then dropped it on the way back. TuT Also, the story is really great and I wanna know what happens next! Great work, and I really hope you’ll make a part 2!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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