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    I’m not sure if this happens to anyone else but whenever I try to go to RPG Playground the waiting time for games is really long and doesn’t move forward past the login screen. When I do manage to login, it would say there’s no server connection despite refreshing many times to see if it would solve the problem.



    Yeah, that happens to me sometimes, no idea how to solve it though.



    Koonsolo just updated the system I think so there are quite a few bugs to be worked out. I have a hard time saving game changes. It goes to the Saving Project… window but doesn’t ever save it.

    Also moving the characters around is hard. When I want to move a character the mouse movement and screen movement of the character don’t match.



    Going to look into these problems…



    All server problems should be fixed (login, save, etc.). If you still see this please let me know! Especially the save might not be fixed yet.

    Mystify, for the moving of characters, I only see this problem when moving the hero. Is this correct?



    Hey, I figured I’d just jump on this bandwagon instead of making a completely new forum post. I’ve noticed some bugs in the system as well:

    1) In the login screen and game namer, you can’t delete letters.
    2) When you click to go to a scene, it doesn’t move past the loading screen.
    3) The application won’t go into full screen.

    Thank you for doing this, Koen! It must be really hard porting it to the new system, with all the bugs popping up everywhere. If there’s any way we can help, let us know! 😀



    Thank you for looking into this koonsolo! Unfortunately, nothing has changed on my end. 🙁



    Always when you try to delete a letter, the whole browser page turns back!
    I use Firefox, dunno if that matters…



    I think I know what the problem is with the backspace key.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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