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    In the sea of trees, in a humble abode, past the Royal Road

    Lives young Lorn, the Chosen Born, with a spirit so noble and bold

    In the pleasant breeze, in his sunlit grove, he hears the Druids of Old

    They speak through the leaves and the wind and the sun…of calamity long foretold.



    Will you fulfill your destiny as the inheritor of the sacred torch, restore peace to the desert, or buy a house? The choice is yours in this open world rpg!

    I hope you guys enjoy it! First game and all that so feedback and criticism is much obliged! Sorry if there are any bugs or issues with the main quest that the druids lead you on or some of the basic side-quests, let me know if there is, but outside of that quite a few things are left unfinished. You should, indeed, be able to purchase, enter, and rest in, your new home, just like you can in the cottage. You can only perform basic spells in the demo, but future updates will have more options. You can even play around with it yourself in the magictestroom! Updates soon to come!



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