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    small demo since it is my first time making a game I like to see what everyone thinks of my game Magical Revenge
    you play as Hero, the king son who just returned from a war and his father has a B-day gift for him, wish is wried since there have got along since Hero´s mother past away. soon after it seems like nobody remembers him and the king gave up being the king, can Hero get back to being the next ruler and save the country from evil, with the only one willing to help him is a demon.



    A lot of typos but the game was very fun (:



    Magical Revenge is really good so far! The plotline is interesting, almost like something out a storybook. It makes me wonder about the title. Is the woman getting “magical revenge” on the king? Oh well, I’ll have to wait to find out! As Eonix pointed out, there is quite a lot of typos. Also, for some reason, the main doors to the house didn’t work. It might be a bug; I would check that out. Great work! I can’t wait to see more of this! 😀



    Magical Revenge seems pretty interesting so far! There are a few things you could work on. Some of your dialogue is misspelled (In the second line when you’re talking to the king for example you say, “What every it is it can not be good.” When it should be, “what ever it is it can not be good.” You could also do a bit more showing instead of telling. Maybe have the first scene take place in the past or a flash back scene where we see the father sending him out to fight monsters or mistreating his son? Small things like that. Hope this was helpful and good luck on your game!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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