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    I’ve recently started using the shadow blocks, and they’re really awesome! I love how they can add light and ambiance to a scene! However, without a triangle in a different direction, some things look sort of weird. For example:
    This is what the shadows without another set of triangles look like.
    I feel like there’s something I’m missing, but I looked through all the pages. Is there any way to fix this? Thank you! 😀


    James Nick

    The shadow blocks.

    Incase anyone can’t see the image, here you go!

    anyway, I’m pretty sure they should be used as a whole instead of rays. It would be cool to have full of these shadow blocks though.



    Thank you! 😀



    I see shadows scattered all over different tilesets, so it’s indeed hard to work with them. It also depends at which layer I put those shadows (ground level or above everything level).

    I know James can do graphics. Can you or someone else create some good shadows?

    In the REFMAP Buildings I still have room for 2 x 23 tiles. The tiles themselves are 32×32 pixels.

    So if someone can make me maximum a 2 x 11 tileset, I can add them to ‘REFMAP Buildings’. That allows me to configure one of it on ground level, and one of it above everything.

    If you look at ‘Inquisitor ground’, those tiles are ordered to support any combination (in the future I will use them for autotiling so you don’t have to pick them manually). Maybe the shadows should also be in this order? That would make them 2×7 tiles, and so would still leave room for 2×4 shadow tiles which are different, maybe such as the triangle tiles in the example above?


    James Nick

    I just came home and had a few minutes to spare so as soon as I saw this, I immediately went and tried making these.

    This is a very simple one I did just to try. This was very confusing to do since it’s supposed to make everything glow. There’s a limited amount of layers you can use in RPG Playground (as far as I know) and it was hard considering this is my first time doing tiles like these (I’m used to doing objects). It can do very simple patterns like the pictures below, not too sure about the second one though.

    Single rayLarger RayFront RayGlowing Objects(?)

    I got a little too carried away and did those circular glow, woops.
    Let me know what you think, I could improve this when I have more time since exams are ending pretty soon.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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