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    I’m watching the “Castle” series lately (about murder investigation), and it’s always impressive how each episode has a refreshing story. And then I thought, “My users are definitely as creative as that!” :).

    So I want to start a new challenge, where each game is another episode. So I challenge anyone to create an episode based on the following main story:

    “Kate is a private investigator, probably the best and most well know. Therefore, she travels all over the region to solve the most impossible cases. She doesn’t know any magic, and solely relies on her intelligence and wits to solve her cases. When she travels, she takes no weapons along. But when a situation becomes dangerous, she will see if she can get her hands on something to defend herself. She never talks about her personal life, and instead completely focuses on the task at hand.”

    Each episode is about how she gets called somewhere to solve a case, and a player finishes the game when they solve it.

    Episodes have no lasting consequences, so basically at the end of the episode, everything is still the same as when it began. This allows players to play each episode in any sequence they want. And so your game only needs to account for the above, and not what others will create in their episode. This is the reason why she doesn’t say anything about her personal life.

    And now for some practical stuff:

    1. A 3 week deadline, ending on Sunday the 31st of March.
    2. No one wins and no one loses.
    3. To enter this contest, please reply to this topic so that people know you are joining.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask! 🙂



    Hmmmm… The challenges don’t seem to be as popular as they used to be. Anyone any idea why this is?

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