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    I challenge anyone to make the first part of a tutorial game, that will be shown to all new RPG Playground users.

    See for more background info.


    • Base your game on a bare bones tutorial that I created at
    • You can change anything of the above bare-bones game. So don’t feel limited by it.
    • Remark that this is the first small part of the full tutorial. So don’t try to turn it into a fully completed tutorial. It will be extended later on with other challenges.
    • Don’t give the player too much freedom. Make it a guided tour where you don’t get lost.
    • Start really easy, with the most basic thing possible. Screenplay actions are already really advanced, and should be in later tutorial levels.
    • Show some cool RPG Playground features early on, so that new users are excited to make their own game.
    • Since it’s a busy upcoming period, finish your game before Monday 7th of January.
    • To enter this contest, please reply to this topic so people know you are joining.
    • Before the deadline, share your game on the forum, and reply here with a link to your shared game.
    • deWiTTERS (yeah that’s me) picks the winner, and will integrate that game into RPG Playground itself.




    Sounds like a cool idea. I’ll give it a go.




    I’ll do this.



    One more idea: Instead of starting the story as a tutorial, you could also start it as an exciting adventure. The player might have to learn game making skills to save the world 😀

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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