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    This game is all about the story. So please take your time. That said, enjoy ~~

    Charles has a special gift! He can see ghosts. Now he travels the land to help all the wretched souls in need. But he would have never guessed where this gift once would take him...

    Our story begins in a small village named Hearthville. Sunny and bright - but it has secrets! What does the mysterious old abandoned manor north of town hide? It seems that this case will be different from anything our protagonist ever saw before! He soon gets an idea of what really awaits him behind those walls. Will the darkness swallow him like many others before - or can he solve the case of the lost Lierra family and their manor?


    (Including a quest book system where you can look up your current task!)

    The Curious Case of Lierra - Browser Version



    This is a really great start to a game. However, there is no way to enter the manor, and I don’t know of any way to get all the information from Hearthville’s inhabitants. However, this game is really good for what it has.



    @ebmcgames Just talk to the villagers for the information! 😉

    You can’t enter the manor right now, because this Beta is about the story before you can enter the manor.

    And that has a reason:

    Our hero has to find out more about the case after all before he dashes into the mysterious manor. And also: The talking plant is in the game too (Just for your information!). Finish quest 1 and you may find it! ;D

    (If you dont know where to go after you talked to all the villagers: Go back to the mayor! He will tell you more and the story will continue quite a bit further!)



    Wow, it’s incredible what you can create in such a short period! The story is really good, very intriguing!

    I also like the hilly village, that really gives something extra. And as always, you really like your flowers ;). The bats in the forest give it a very spooky, creepy feel. Great atmosphere.

    And very creative of creating that quest book!

    SPOILER ALERT: Don’t read until you played the game!!!

    I was able to go to the manor door without cheating, but I has a some tiny issues:

    1. I thought I talked to all villagers, but still my quest wasn’t complete. Of course I forgot to talk to the mayor! Maybe you could notify in the quest book that you talked to all villagers, but need to talk to the mayor now.
    2. The first time I entered the church, the door on the left wasn’t obvious. It’s just because I knew there should be a priest there, that I searched for it.
    3. I wasn’t able to jump over the fence at first, so you walked all the way around, to places I wasn’t supposed to go I guess. I think this is the same problem @ebmcgames had. Then figured this wasn’t right, and went back and jumped. Maybe you could also let the hero jump when he reads the sign?

    I hope you can continue on this game, because it’s really good! I want to play the rest!!!! 🙂



    Thanks for your feedback!

    I worked on the issues you mentioned:

     1. The quest book now says: “Talk to the villagers and ask them about the Lierras – then return to the mayor”

    2. I changed the Maps “Church” and “Church2” a bit – it now is clearer that there’s a second room in the chapel!

     3. I added a teleport to the uppermost sign, so that it will also bring you behind the fence after the text…

    4. Also, you will now only be able to enter the estate-map after you got the key (Before, you could enter the map after completing quest 1)!


    I hope this was helpful and thanks again – I appreciate all feedback, since it improves my game and your in-game experience! And of course I’ll continue this project!

    But for the mansion (inside and outside), I want to make the maps darker and a lot creepier (maybe with a light cone?) and therefore I’ll wait for graphical advancements of RPGPlayground. I want to make the atmosphere stunning. So the lighting is a vital point of this game after all… The same with sound effects and maybe an atmospheric backround music…! Choices also will be important. And since I want to implement puzzles like ‘pull this switch and a door opens’, event effects would also be indispensable!

    Anyways, Thanks for playing~~



    Hey Aura,

    Some time ago I was playing with visual effects. Basically I loaded up Gimp (=like Photoshop) and edited existing maps to see what I can make from them. The examples are on my Pinterest

    I can make most effects in the game with overlays and shaders. But of course I need to know what kind of effect I’m trying to achieve.

    If you want you can try for yourself to take a screenshot of your level, and add some visual effects on top of it with Photoshop, to see what would make the game better. Then I can see what I can do to make this effect in-game.

    Overlays, color tweaking, filters etc can probably be done ingame using shaders. Nowadays a lot of games use color-grading, where you can tweak your colors in Photoshop, and you can export that same effect in the game! Take a look at for example.

    Background music and choices are coming soon! 🙂

    Color graded game



    I experimented a bit with gimp… I thought about something like this for my game:

    Night very dark – propably for inside scenery:

    Night with little light – propably for outside scenery:




    First off, the flashback beginning was freaking brilliant!

    As always, your level design was amazing. 🙂 You have such a whimsical style that makes it fun to explore the town and discover things! The investigation aspect of your game was pretty awesome as well. The Quest Book System was brilliant, that way when you get lost you can always have a place to check up on yourself haha.




    Thanks, Shae! ;D



    Okay, I’m certain I talked to everyone, but I can’t get any different dialogue.



    I assume you mean the mayor…

    Did you already read the book on the bookshelf right from the girl with blue hair in one of the houses?

    You need that too.

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