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    My WIP game is called Ruins! Sorry if there’s not much but I kinda stopped after encountering a disappearing door problem (I don’t say bug because it might just be me being stupid.) where it acts like the door is still there when I try to name another door after it. Anyways, you can play it at and hope you enjoy! Story: The Kingdom of Mau (Mau is a placeholder while I still come up with a name) is a kingdom that has stood for hundreds of years. A long time ago, The Kingdom of Mau was attacked by mysterious people appearing from no where! The main castle was destroyed but we were able to fight back and build a new castle! But people feel a great darkness surrounding the old castle, now known as the ruins. Recently, the old king has mysteriously died and a new king has come out from nowhere to take his place. There are now rumors of the government now being corrupt, and a cult randomly appearing in the ruins. Tom, a teen boy, woke up to find his house burnt down. He only finds a note on the ground, “Run! Start your journey!” You control Tom, who isn’t really sure what his ‘journey’ is!

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    Hey! I really like the concept you have going here. With a few adjustments, it should turn out to be a really good game!

    1. Try to shrink the map a little. It’s very confusing when you have heaps of open space with nothing around. Try adding trees/house/some kind of noise so it doesn’t feel empty.
    2. You kind of drop the player in the middle of nowhere. Try to move him up a little to give clear direction.
    3. Try to tighten up around the guards. I was able to go around them through the trees (I didn’t see the other path until afterwards, so I’d also make it a point to maybe have your character says “(Hm… Maybe there’s another way in…)” or something to that effect that lets the player know they’re supposed to find another way in).

    Otherwise, the dialogue is nice, and the style is pretty good, too. Fill in the empty space and you’ve got a nice aesthetic going.

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    Thanks for the recommendations! I was also able to walk through the trees when I was making that area so I added a lot but I was worried some parts needed more trees. I am planning to add more in the area and this was just what I put together in a small amount of time.



    Well, a big update is out! Please leave suggestions. In this update please make sure to talk to everyone! This update is partly based off of suggestions. NOTE: There will be two ways to get to the forest. The cultist option and the sleeping guard option. Currently the only working option is the cultist option. I will either shrink the world or add more later.

    Thanks for playing,



    OK I get the hint 😉 😀



    There’s a lot more where that came from.



    This game seems really good so far, and what little exists of the story already has me excited and wanting to play more! I can’t wait for this to be finished…

    Also, I bursted out laughing with the interaction with “Developer”, “I WASN’T PREPARED FOR THIS…” XD

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