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    <Your game description>

    You are trapped in a dimension were an evil king lives can you break free from the dimension

    Play the game here:



    Nice! I really look forward to seeing this complete.  Love it, good luck on making the rest.



    Thank you very much



    Hey, this is a great start!

    I really like the details you put into level design, especially in the town. The scenes look really nice, and I can tell you spent a lot of time on them! 😀

    One suggestion I have is the “show not tell” rule. It’s prominent in writing, but it dictates that you should show the readers what’s happening, instead of telling them. For example, you tell us that Cody and the protagonist are friends, but there’s not a lot of friendly interaction between the two.

    Also, I thought the flow of your game was really good! It was challenging to figure out where to go, but in a good, fun way. It really made me want to explore your world more!

    Great work, and I can’t wait to see how this progresses!



    Hey, TylerCody,

    I’ve noticed some things that I thought I should tell you:

    •  You set the monsters health very high… That way it’s taking way too long to kill them! Maybe you can set the characters hit damage higher or you set the monsters health a bit down.

    I see that you thought about the setting and the storyline.

    Now, what Comp already said ( @comprehensible : Sorry that I repeat this):

    •  Your characters lack a bit of characteristics and relationships in their talking! It’s a bit like writing a book: If you tell your story just straight ahead, it becomes boring. Instead, try to make the reader (or player) empathize with your characters: Make them unique, tell their feelings or thoughts, let them grow while they travel around, ect. …
    • The same goes for a game that you can beat too fast! The player wants to slowly find out about the story, and also wants to be challenged a bit. You can achieve that by quests, monsters, puzzles or whatever you decide your game to include…


    Okay that said:

    Please don’t get me wrong: Your game is already very good at many points! I just want to help you make it even better – not to discourage you! Not at all!! 😉

    You did a good job so far! And I’m looking forward to anything you’ll create from here on! ;D


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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