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    Hello Everybody!
    This isn’t as much as a cry for help as it is to help everyone else.

    Tokens are a seemingly daunting tool that Koon has given us. But do not fear! These are really helpful tools, and I’ll soon explain why.

    But first, a refresher on tokens.
    You can receive, lose, and “use” tokens.

    To give:
    hero receives token “Token_Name”

    To lose:
    hero loses token “Token_Name”

    To use:
    if hero has/lacks token “Token_Name”
    hero says “Hi.”
    hero says “Hello.”

    Okay, and now to tokens. They give lots of options but many don’t know their full potential. They allow this RPG Maker to actually become an RPG Maker. Role-Playing means that you can make choices (And fight monsters along the way!:)) The only choices that are available right now in 0.19.0 are choosing to talk or not talk to people.(And/or choosing a path)
    Say a choice is made to talk to the Guard outside. You talk to him, and he warns you to be cautious.
    You receive the token Caution, and it allows you to say different things then if you didn’t. With Caution you call him “sir”, and he respects you. Otherwise, you ask rude (but normal) questions and he banishes you.

    There are other uses for tokens too, which include an “inventory” of sorts. You talk to the invisible sign (the chest) and you receive token “10_Gold” which you can use later. As long as you remember what your tokens you currently have (a problem right now-there should be a list), you’ll be fine.
    Tokens are an ingenious device, whose uses have yet to be fully explored. If you have more uses for tokens, or have any questions, please respond!



    Great write-up! And indeed, a list would be handy.



    I’m all into this (with the list), but right now I’m trying to figure out if there is a possibility to check for more than one token, e.g.:

    if hero has token “token1” and token “token2”
    Actor1 says “great”

    else if hero has token “token1” and lacks token “token2”
    Actor1 says “you need 1 more object”

    Is there a way to use token this way?



    if hero has token1
    if hero has token2
    hero says “Great”
    hero says “You need 1 more object.”
    if hero has token2
    hero says “You need 1 more object.”
    hero says “What, are you crazy? You need 2 more objects!”



    Thanks, I made it work with some modifications.



    This took me a while to figure out. thanks for making tokens easy to understand



    Amazing write up on the tokens! I was actually just browsing the forums for a way to do a little more than talk and walk. Thank you!



    i cant make it work, where am i going wrong?

    if hero has token “token”
    hero says “*burp* Oh hi Liz”
    Lisa says “Its Lisa, are you drunk?”
    hero says “Who me!? Nahhhhhh, youd better go find Argon”
    Lisa says “WHO!?”
    hero says “ATLAS! I mean Atlas! bye bye Leah *hiccup*”
    else (shows error – action “else” needs to follow an “if” action)
    hero says “Quick Lisa, we must find your sister before its to late!”
    Lisa says “Ill be right behind you…. ummmm… still dont know your name!?”
    hero loses token “token”

    PLEASE HELP! itll take my game to a whole new level!




    figured it out!

    4 spaces before the talking scripts!

    WOOOOOOOOOO! im now hooked!



    This is a great topic..I’m new here and this was very useful…NOw for me to see how best to implement them..Tokens Yaay!!



    Hey guys.. Is there a way to use multiple tokens at once other than writing them all out separately? Something like this maybe?

    if hero has token “<Dagger *3>”
    baddie1 says “OOwww..You got me!”
    hero says “I knew I would”
    hero loses token “<Dagger *3>”
    baddie1 says “Whoaa Hoho!! I’ve got you now you runt!”
    hero says “I must run away…”
    hero loses token “<Dagger>”

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    No it’s not possible to use tokens like that. Sorry.



    I think im going to use different tokens…things like “Arrows +1 Ranged Attack” or “Two Handed Sword +3 Attack” as tokens…then generate npc responses in “Battles” according to whether or not the hero has said weapon(token).

    Npc Baddies will also be able to strip a hero of his lesser equips “Leather Cap +1 Defense” if he doesn’t have needed strength weapon and “loses” the battle. Gold pieces will have to come in various amounts…”1 Gold Piece” 2 Gold Pieces” etc up to 10 so that I can implement some form of currency based user activity. Hero can trade token “1 Gold Piece” to the market keep for say “One Loaf of Bread” (token)….Hero will be promted throughout the game to use and lose said tokens in verbal “fights”, transactions etc.

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