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    this game is very early on. i'm planning much more quests and story!
    white flower syndrome revolves around tessa, a young lady who used to work as a guard in the poor, desolate town of seda. murdoc had overthrown the monarchy, and reigns supreme. murdoc is a tyrant, and forces labour on the citizens of seda. due to this, many died. murdoc would bury the peoples in a mysterious area that is guarded. no weaponry is allowed in the town anymore, and is guarded, which is the reasoning behind murdoc lurking around seda. the white flowers speckled across seda's atmosphere have a powder lingering, and it is known to cause insanity. tessa's parents have been killed due to murdoc, but tessa is unaware. murdoc had to break the news to her.
    please give feedback!




    This is really cool!
    I love the story line, and I really really wanna know what happens next! Your environments are beautiful, and even though I don’t know a lot about the characters, they’re written in such a way that I can fill in the details. Some things that I think could be improved is the environments and game play. The environments, while ascetically pleasing, are not super varied. Also, I really like the game play you have now, with going around to different people to further the story line, so maybe you could do some puzzles, too!
    Great work! This game has TONS of potential, and I really look forward to what you make next!



    you give really good feedback, thank you so much!
    this is my first rpg, so yes, i will definitely have to work on the environments, and gain more skill. practice~!
    this is super early on, i’m planning so much more quests, puzzles, and story line~!
    again, thank you for your feedback, you gave me motivation to work harder~!

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