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    I’m starting a beta-testing team of community members that can test the pre-released version.

    What is expected from you:

    1. I will give you a link at which you can play the pre-release version of RPG Playground
    2. Please test all functionality that you want, but don’t save your project to an already shared game! Because the currently released version will not be able to show a game that is 1 version higher. You can however save your games to non-shared projects.
    3. Report any issues on the private beta-testers channel on Discord.

    Why a beta-testing team?

    New versions of software always have bugs. I’m only a single person with a lot of work on my hands, so I can’t test everything. If I push a new version straight onto the main site, it could have bugs that annoy my users. So anyone who can help out with testing is greatly appreciated.

    So it basically has 2 benefits:

    1. I have more time to work on new features for RPG Playground
    2. New releases will be more stable

    Thanks to anyone who wants to help out!

    Where to apply?

    Let me know on the discord server #general channel.

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