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    Well this has been a fun new experience.
    Though I’m not quite finished yet. I want to see if people who play it can navigate in it well.
    If not tell me where ya get stuck!

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    I fixed the link above, because it was not pointing to the game. This seems to be a problem with the forum.

    I just played it, and I was amazed by how big the game is! I think this is the biggest game yet, made in RPG Playground :). Sometimes feels like a maze, with so many options.

    I also like the conversations, really funny at times!

    To everyone else: PLAY THIS GAME!!!



    Welp, currently in my game I’m remaking some of my main sceneries to look more beaut-i-mus.
    I’m still in a process of eliminating a bunch of words that I’m too good and letting run loose. That’s a main thing I need help with. Word amount. Okay? Not Okay? Where?
    Yeah, If I could get feedback on the dialogue that would be greeeeat.
    ( ̄▽ ̄)ゞ

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    So I’m wanting to create a history/backstory scene for the game but I’m not too sure how to go about it.
    Right now I just have the script of the history but just reading it is lagging and pretty boring.
    Anybody have ideas?



    It would be nice if you could show the story out of someone else’s eyes (like playing as Mystify the Great herself in an episode of her past or whatever backround you would like to show), but for that you would have to be able to change the sprite inside of an event page (I think with RPG Maker thats possible), but that’s not an option right now…
    Maybe you could work with that Mirror Pond or what its name was. Perhaps you get teleported to an alternative reality where there’s the Knowledge Mistress and he shows you what happened in the past…? Well only a suggestion. ^-^

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    Heh heh, I like that Idea. I think I’ll work on something along those lines.



    I created a walkthrough history for the story. It’s not to the polished point I want yet but it’s walkable and working.
    Give me feedback if you can think of anything.

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