Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a quick introduction to RPG Playground?

Sure, just watch the 4 minutes tutorial video.

Where can I find more detailed info?

In the RPG Playground User Manual!

Can I create a commercial game with RPG Playground and sell it?

Yes! It would make me very happy if you create an awesome game with RPG Playground, sell it, and make profit. If you are good at it, you could even make it your full-time job!

Will there be new features?

Of course! I’m continuously working on RPG Playground, implementing new features all the time. If you want to get an overview of what is planned in the near and far future, take a look at the RPG Playground Release Roadmap.

My question isn’t in this FAQ, where can I get an answer?

Just ask your question in the Get Help Forum, or mail me at