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Baby Quest: Adventures, by projectglaive

Play as a curious baby and explore the world as you crawl around in 24 different areas.

There isn’t an actual quest or objective to complete. Just look around and find out what the citizens of the world have to say.

More info in the forum topic.

A Lill’ Girls Tale, by Aura

Lill is an orphan living in an Orphanage in the Forest! One day Mrs Fye, the Mistress of the Orphanage, calls her, to tell her that her Birthday Present was taken by a cat and she has to find it! Lill starts to search the cat – and eventually gets involved into something bigger…!
Solve the riddle of the missing birthday present… And join Lill on her journey to another realm! Will she find fortune – or misery?

Crimson Children, by Cynic-P

Three years ago, a girl was found in the woods of a nameless village left for dead with nothing but a nearly fatal bullet wound. Now, with no memory of her past, she’s on a journey find answers and who she was supposed to be. Little does she know that her past is looking for her.

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VVD, by Shane Koven


The Project, by Alton Robertson


Castle, by Elliot K