These games are made by our community members with RPG Playground. If you want your game in here, mail me at with the title and description of your game!

Top Games

Eldermoor: Gems of Julagar

A ship crashes on a beach and you must find the Captain – Your father. (Open-World Exploration RPG)

Falling Glory (Demo)

The land is falling into a dark abyss. You are just a messenger, so it’s not your job to save it. Or is it?

World of a Purple Something

A death has occurred. It causes many reactions from the citizens and others. Some cry for the loss, some don’t accept it, and other’s don’t believe it to be true. Despite of how it’s responded to it is quite clear that this death has gained the people’s attention. How curious. Who is this fallen one? Why does everyone seems ...

A Lill’ Girls Tale

Lill is an orphan living in an Orphanage in the Forest! One day Mrs Fye, the Mistress of the Orphanage, calls her, to tell her that her Birthday Present was taken by a cat and she has to find it! Lill starts to search the cat – and eventually gets involved into something bigger…! Solve the ...

New & Updated

Clair’s Christmas of Wonders

Clair lost her mother when she was very young. Now, 5 years later, it’s short before Christmas. Everything seems normal – until Clair finds a magical mirror leading to a far away land called “Snow Flake Avaland”. Embark on a magical journey through the Avaland where nothing is what it seems and find clues to what really ...

The Devil’s Christian (Demo)

Demo of my 1st project: The Devil’s Christian.

An Emo’s Quest

Play as Rokk Rainne. An expert emo. As he continues hating life, he goes back into time and needs to find the true meaning of happiness to escape. Turns out he doesn’t…

Project 1

Derrick Lang. A man with extraordinary skills, to help others, but also himself… Explore different areas, different quests and sidequests! But, don’t expect TOO much…. after all this is ONLY Project 1.

Tricks,Trees and Presents

A young boy is looking for his father, so he can get his birthday present. On the way he meets some sinister ladies. Some wanna help, and some wanna make it worse for him and his father.

Gamer 2

A part 2 to Gamer. Play as a boy named Hayden. The most experienced Gamer on Earth. As Hayden jumps through many modern console games, So do you!

George The Gifted

Play as George Juv and discover your family’s history!


Play as a boy named Hayden. The most experienced Gamer on Earth. As Hayden jumps through many old Arcade games, So do you! There are many ‘Easter Eggs’ in this game… so keep trying various items to find one!

The Richest Man Alive

Play as Josh Rich. The Richest man alive. he leaves his mansion to do something… when he sets out on an adventure… without even knowing it

The Advice Fairy

In a town, almost everyone has problems that need helping. So be an Advice Fairy: a fairy who, well, gives advice!