Release 0.28: restart game + little surprise

A new version of RPG Playgound is online where you can restart your game. This is a must have feature for when you start killing monsters (or when getting killed).

And, I have a little surprise for you: Press the ‘f’ key inside an RPG Playground game and find out (not in edit mode) :). It’s currently only visual, so it doesn’t impact the game yet.

The ‘f’ key will be replace with something better in the future, but for now it is still hidden functionality.


Some inspiration for action based combat

I’m implementing action based combat right now, and was looking into some reference material that I collected.

Thought I might as well make a new blog post out of this!

If you see some other nice material of action based combat, please let me know!

Warning: This page is heavy on animated gifs.

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