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I thought about a bs like the one in SoM (Secret of Mana)…
Here’s a passage of Wikipedia about the battle system of SoM:

“Located at the bottom of the screen is a power bar, a gauge that determines the amount of damage done to an enemy when attacking. Swinging a weapon causes the gauge to empty and then quickly recharge, allowing that character to attack at full strength. The party wields eight different types of weaponry: sword, spear, bow, axe, boomerang, glove, whip, and javelin. All weapons can be upgraded eight times, and repeated use of a weapon increases its skill level to a maximum of eight, unlocking a new special attack with each level. […]”
“The player can choose to control each of the characters at any time; whichever character is currently selected, the other two companions are controlled via artificial intelligence. […]”

I don’t know if this is too difficult though… o.o