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I have added some new npcs. These include:
Deirdre, the girl in the library
Haamte, a cult member in the cult hideout
Marcine, the girl by the violets
Leanne, the girl by the roses

There is also a new sidequest!!! Help Marcine and Leanne exchange love letters! Will Leanne share Marcine’s feelings?
[TRIGGER WARNING] Marcine and Leanne are both girls, please don’t hate me for this…

I have also added interactions with several people/things, including:
Dialogue with Deirdre, I feel bad for her, if only she knew how Romeo and Juliet ended…
Dialogue with Haamte, I have no idea what he’s talking about either…
An interaction with the weird thing the cult worships…
Marcine and Leanne’s quest, isn’t love wonderful?

That’s all I have for now, a new update might be soon though…