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First of all, my focus now is on action based combat. Actually, I’m currently in the middle of that, and the first version where you can fight a monster will be out soon! 🙂

So if you just want fighting, wait a bit for the action based combat.

However, if you really want turn based combat, I have to think a bit further here. Because turn-based combat is put at a very low priority.

I really like how creative you were, to simulate combat with what the engine is already offering! But let’s face it, doing combat by going into doors is not really what you like.

There is another thing planned for the near future, and that is so the player can respond. Basically select an option out of a list of options. So that might be very handy for a simple turn based combat.

So when going into “combat”, you start a screenplay asking for the user to either “attack” or “defend”. Based on the choice, the monster attacks or defends. Let’s see what that would look like in an example screenplay:

Combat says "The monster is ready to attack. What do you do?"
if player chooses "Attack"
    Combat says "You swing your sword and hit the monster"
    Combat says "The monster stabs you"
else if player chooses "Defend"
    Combat says "You take a defensive stance, and the monster tries to stab you, but misses"

When implementing my action based combat, monsters will be able to die. So if I expose that functionality in the screenplays, you could let your monster die ingame. Maybe even use the hero’s hitpoints to see if you survive.

I know this is far from ideal, but probably easier than making all those rooms? What do you think?