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Well, it hasn’t happened again since I last posted but the thing is that I’m the type of person who doesn’t exit out of things. I close my computer eat/sleep/ect. and then get’s right back on from where I left off.

This usually makes it so that the site will log me out of my account.

So I’ll work on my project from where I was and then click save and it will come up with this “connection error” box. (Indicating that it logged me out) I hit ‘okay’ and it brings me up to the “log in” box. I log in and it saves all the work I did.

What was happening lately is that it’s been getting stuck on the “connection error” box after I hit save and it won’t go to the “log in” box after I hit “okay”. The only way is to get unstuck is to reload the page and in doing so all the progress I did is gone.

This has never happened before except for the 2 or 3 times but it hasn’t happened again yet so I’m not sure…