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Sorry to keep replying to my own stuff, but how about this:

  1. We keep the current forum, but my blog posts are moved here. Including announcements,
    user games, challenges, etc.
  2. The games are also moved here, under a “Play”-forum or something. Each game has its own topic, and the first post contains the game that you can play. The creator can then edit their own description as they wish, and others can comment
  3. Since the forum already supports view counting, a creator can see how many times their game was played
  4. Instead of the “top games” now on the Play page, I can pin the best games in the forum
  5. When sharing your game in RPG Playground, it will automatically create a new topic under your name (it links your account using your email)

This basically means that more emphasis is put on the forum here. What do you all think?