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James Nick

That’s cool for me! It’s a lot easier and less time consuming to post games with the forum than emailing! Also with the sharing, it’s a LOT easier!

Although I do have another suggestion, why not keep the ‘Play’ tab (probably rename it?) but only top rated games could be found? This way, new visitors can easily click on that tab instead of going to the forums. You could also add some sort of ‘This week/month’s top game’ in the ‘Play’ tab – and the creator gets some sort of role in the forum (‘Participant’ could be changed into ‘Creator of the week/month’) or some sort. In my opinion, this makes the community more competitive and fun!

Lastly, I just thought competitions with winners / prizes would be fun! As I said before, this makes the community strive for something to earn and makes them more competitive. You should probably add colored names and roles (probably icons too!) on the forums as prizes for the competitions you do – it makes a member unique and it’s fun!

I did sound like I have a lot of ideas but these are only ideas and I have no idea how long these might take to implement but I would really love to see these little things come to life since it’s becoming kind of silent in the forums suddenly. :<