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One thing that I really like about RPG’s is that you can be whomever you want to be!
Here in RPG PLayground, you are stuck with the one sprite the GM gives you. As Koonsolo advances more into this, why not give the PC a chance to choose his or her character? For example, the default sprite could be in a room before the “start” of the game, and the room has three doors. Each door has a sprite next to him, and whatever door the PC goes through, he becomes that sprite, whether it be a wizard, barbarian or ranger, etc. Also, it would then be simple, time consuming, but simple, to change the storyline based on that descion. The player goes through this door, becomes a wizard, and starts out in the wizard’s tower as an apprentice. The wizard dies, and he follows almost the same journey as the ranger and barbarian do.
Which reminds me, could you make states of being?
For example, a dead person is on his side (basic), or people can sit, sleep, jump!
At the very least, being able to be dead would make the monsters seem more realistic-if it is the PC that is dead or the Monster.