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  1. When getting hurt, the user actions will be the first one to be run with the new health value. This is to be able to set some health when it drops under 0. If it wouldn’t run first, you could not do this. So you can prevent an actor from dying. This also means of course that all other components are not aware of the new health yet, until the custom actions end.
  2. That is weird, I have to take a look at that!https://trello.com/c/wgGpSHfH
  3. Some RPG’s use negative health to be unconscious, and when you drop below a certain negative value, you are permanently dead. This would mean you could still revive a dead character. Also, when the hero drops below 0, you might have an item that gives +50 health or something. Then it’s also necessary to know how much the hero got hurt extra to the one that killed.