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Always on the hunt for interesting projects – saw yours on indiedb today and thought it be nicer to reach out through your community. Rest assured you always have our support!

We are hopeful mod.io takes off, user generated content has always been a strong passion of ours and amazing to do if you can pull it off. Regarding your feedback I assumed that you had something custom built and completely understand your reasons. I was merely presenting it as an option for your consideration. I will offer some counter points anyhow!

  • Editing will always be something you do in-house. mod.io is primarily designed to showcase and distribute the finished version, so I don’t think that would change
  • We have a custom metadata system, so you could attach versioning information to files or entire mods – any arbitary data you want actually
  • We support comments and ratings for all mods (games in your case) submitted via the API. Our system allows nesting, flagging, complex weightings to prioritize a game which has 10 ratings of 9 over a game which has 1 rating of 10 for example
  • We’d welcome the challenge of supporting 8464+ games. Our system is fully paginated and designed for that – we already do up to 8gigs per sec on ModDB.com, so scaling is a strength of ours
  • Playtime is a little more complex, it could be a metadata field you use like above. Again one of our strengths is possibly the most powerful sorting and filtering system possible – you can literally do it on any field

All up I think *we could* do everything you require, though admittedly it would be more work initially, but pay off in the long run. The benefit would be our ability to scale, provide strong support around the boring stuff like moderation, DMCA etc – so you can focus on your tools.

If you are interested i’d be happy to jump on a call, but as I said above i’m just super happy you are active on IndieDB and you always have our support and we cannot wait to see you reach that “big hit” moment. Keep it up!