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You can also use doors to teleport you to other places in the same map. Say: You wanted to go to a different area, but didn’t want to make it a different map. That being said, though, if you don’t script a door..it will open and not do anything. This would let you add small houses in a town without creating a new map.

If you want to “Lock” a door: Place any visible door. Place an invisible ‘pedestal’ actor on top of that door to block the player from entering it. Script the new invisible actor to say:

If hero lacks token “Key”

Actor says “The door is locked”

If hero has tocken “key”

Hero teleports to “where ever”

4 spaces before ‘Actor says’ and ‘Hero teleports to’.(It wouldn’t save my indentations?) Make sure you make the keys to each door different though, or the player will be able to open all doors as if he had the Master Key.