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I won’t add this feature, because it’s not simple or easy.

Mirroring an image is easy because you can mirror all pixels. But for mirroring tilemaps, it’s not the same. What I would need then is a mirrored version of all the tilesets. Because if you use the same tiles in the mirrored tilemap, it looks all wrong (a top left corner will remain a top left corner, but will now be on the right, a chair facing the room will now face the wall, etc.). Therefore each tile needs a mirrored version.

It is technically possible, but I don’t think it’s worth the effort.


There is another thing of course. Would it almost make it as good if we had the following tools for tiles?

  1. Flood filling tiles
  2. Rectangle tool
  3. paint tool (just hold the mouse button instead of clicking each time)
  4. Line tool