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Wow, what an amazing game. I’m writing this as I go through it and it has to be the most comprehensive game I’ve seen on RPGPLayground to date. It’s absolutely amazing! No kidding, I love it!

Now you’re making me blush, mister! I only just started this game, but I’d love to try and get some help with it in real time though. There’s a few glitches in the game, like lack of scrolling, which makes it hard to use and implement some doors.

Okay, since I just started your game, I’ll go over what I like and don’t like: Right now, I think it was fantastic that you had “signs” written on the carton and tree, which most people don’t do (I don’t, because a lot of people don’t look there ;)).

I also think they way you did the speech was amazing, because I haven’t seen anyone do it like you [even if it simple], with quotes for the actual words, and none for thoughts or actions. I may seem silly for saying that is awesome, but I haven’t seen a game that did that. Very well done.

Aaaah, thank you so so much! ;v; This is my first time making a game ever. I take inspiration from Ib, Undertale, and many, many other puzzle games, but I forget if they actually do that too. All I know that is since the characters can’t move or hug or anything, I had to do something to distinguish dialogue, thought and action. Also, I can’t really have people explain everything. That’s just not realistic.

Also, nobody looks at signs???? That’s… surprising. That’s where most puzzle instructions and exposition is found in the games that I’ve played.

I also think you created a very complete game, just by starting it out. If this website had more options to use (i.e., choices that are made in the speech bubbles), that would make your game better.
However, as of right now, I don’t like the number of names being thrown at me as of right now. It’s a lot to think about, especially because a random “Koen” was thrown in there and I got confused. Consider making the characters talk like: ‘Spec: “I think this was a bad idea,” he mumbles.’ However, I think I’ll learn all the names soon enough!
I also don’t like how Troy (?) and Syracruse (Excuse my spelling), show up twice in the same scene. Not cool, consider making two scenes to convey your point (too late now, but still).

I think I can still make the second scene. I just have to rewrite all the dialogue. Also, I need to take screenshots of the first scene in order to do it. I also threw a random Koen until I could decide the hero’s true name: Maxwell. But you’re right. I really shouldn’t name any characters unless if they were important. All I have to do is figure out how I’m going to do that if I am to mention them more than once.

And I’ll consider the ‘Spec: “I think this was a bad idea,” he mumbles.’ idea. The only problem is that when scripting the screenplay, there’s no scrolling or copying and pasting options. The text just overflows, making the dialogue feature a bit unwieldy.

Also, going into the tent is confusing, I don’t know where the heck I’m going. I kind of was hoping that it was all complete, but I walked into “the light” and into an empty room with no escape. So, I’m going through the completed scenes now to give you feedback.

Yeah, that is pretty confusing. When I make and complete the second scene you suggested, there’ll be more guidelines as to how to use the tent. But basically you have to go into each sister’s room and solve their puzzles. They each have one main room where you can find the Pleiade and then another room or two or three or four for each puzzle. That or the puzzle is inside the main room.

I like it, I can see what you did here. However, I’m a little confused as to what happened. She was supposed to kill me? Or just warn me? And the doors in the middle of nowhere were weird, no offense.
However, good job with the dialogue. You did a very good job with it again.

Well, er, Eden is just threatening you at the moment. If there’s ever a combat system, she’ll try to kill you. If not, I’ll just have to make the most menacing puzzle I can come up for her. And that door in the middle of nowhere is a secret passageway. But you won’t know where it’s for until the game is done.

Ground Floor:

Just a bunch of doors right now, I know you’re going to work on it though. Nice job decorating, anyway!

Thanks for the feedback on that. I was thinking of using this scene and the house more thoroughly to provide some backstory and exposition in an aesthetically appealing way. I completed the yard, but I hope to make everyone’s bedrooms by then. The main purpose though is to provide some exposition and reason to explore the first scene. I also made the yard for it but am yet to connect the doors.


Man, I hated finding everything but the Red Flag. Bummer. And I don’t know what I really was supposed to do with it anyway, so… I’ll just see what happens… Interesting (I finally figured out how to use the Red Flag). I like the game, and I can’t wait for you to finish it!

Haha, sorry about that. I’m trying to design pretty tricky puzzles here. Currently, I’m working on Maia’s puzzle at the moment too. It might be even trickier to solve. But basically each sister is supposed to give you one flag, for each virtue.

EDIT: Maia’s puzzle is done! Going to work on Halcyon’s soon enough.

Sometimes, entering a door will present us in the middle of nowhere, by no fault of your own. However, I would suggest using a “two-way door system”, where the doors are connected, and you will always leave and enter a place by a door.

Again, thank you so much for your feedback. I’ll try out the two-way door system then. I’ll also add more doors to the first scene from the Pleiades Lobby and from the Tower Lobby as well. Just one thing though: If I have too many levels to choose from, the scrollbar cuts off and I can’t peruse through them on even Chrome. It won’t let me scroll. Also, sometimes, when I try to save, the game freezes a lot and I lose a lot of work. But hopefully, this will all be fixed eventually.