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Thank you for the tip Comprehensible! So… I got the code to where the currency works, but now I can’t add the second in case..


Here is the script:


BarServer gives choices for “Hello! Would you like to buy something?”

(four spaces)in case”>Tea, please.”

if hero number of “gold” >= 5

(four spaces)BarServer says “*GIVES TEA*”

(four spaces)hero receives token “Tea”

(four spaces)hero says “*GRABS TEA AND GIVES 5 COINS*”

(four spaces)hero number of “gold” decreases with 5

(four spaces)BarServer says “Have a great day/night!”


(four spaces)BarServer says “You don’t have enough coins, sorry. Come back when you have enough!”


Now, when I try to add;

(four spaces)in case “>No thanks.”

(four spaces)BarServer says “If you say so.”

It says: ERROR on line 12: Action needs to follow another action. Make sure you have 4 spaces in front of sub-actions! Even when I add another four spaces to the sub-action, it still doesn’t work…