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I helped someone else with this in Discord so here’s what I said.

When touched an NPC for example. They say some stuff then walk out of view off the map. Have him become inactive. Have the NPC give the hero a token, then in the other level you want him to “teleport” to have an invisible floor switch touch him as soon as he walks into that level. Have the action “if hero has token” then do the token you put in. Have that actor become inactive if the hero doesn’t have the token. And have the invisible floor switch become inactive. Then put the same actor in that level where he would teleport to. Then in the invisible floor switch if the hero has token have whatever you’d want that NPC (or actor) to say. Hope I wasn’t too confusing. If this didn’t help I’ll make a video about it so you can understand for my “Youtube” channel on RPG Playground. (It’s a group that works like a Youtube channel, the videos are in the forum.)