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You forgot the pickup sound in your on touch screenplay. 😉

But yes, it would be great if pickups and all the other stuff just inserts default code templates like this.

Your invisible switch thing is indeed a good idea as a workaround. I could have come up with such an idea myself. (Oh Marby! Just think a little more careful before asking such silly questions. 😀 )
…but as you already noticed there is no chance to access the pickup behavior for us. So we have to wait.

One thing I really miss in connection with pickups are user defined functions. Up to now we have to copy code over and over for our pickups. That is not really a good thing to do.

Because you mentioned it…
When do you think we’ll have full coding power? Will it happen even this year or rather the next?

Anyway, I wish you good success and can’t wait to see how much RPG Playground will grow until the end of this year.