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Damn, blockquote does not work. πŸ™
So I have to edit my answer as the following:

deWiTTERS wrote: “Isn’t this because the hero is blocking it? Normally you can resize a level as long as the hero is still in there.”

I guess that’s an answer to my other thread:
I first assumed the same but now I don’t think so. I placed the hero away from the level’s borders and still was not able to make the level smaller. Only by using the other resize-button it worked. However, we should discuss the 33×33 tile bug in the other thread. πŸ˜‰

deWiTTERS wrote: “About interface things blocking the level, the idea is that you will be able to scroll past the boundries of the level (in edit mode).”

Yes, that is a great idea, which indeed will be helpful. You also should disable the sword status symbol in design mode. Only while testing and in the real game it should be visible.