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I think im going to use different tokens…things like “Arrows +1 Ranged Attack” or “Two Handed Sword +3 Attack” as tokens…then generate npc responses in “Battles” according to whether or not the hero has said weapon(token).

Npc Baddies will also be able to strip a hero of his lesser equips “Leather Cap +1 Defense” if he doesn’t have needed strength weapon and “loses” the battle. Gold pieces will have to come in various amounts…”1 Gold Piece” 2 Gold Pieces” etc up to 10 so that I can implement some form of currency based user activity. Hero can trade token “1 Gold Piece” to the market keep for say “One Loaf of Bread” (token)….Hero will be promted throughout the game to use and lose said tokens in verbal “fights”, transactions etc.