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I used to play the tabletop RPG Pathfinder, and there they make the distinction between 2 “hit points” gains and losses: temporary hit points and modifying your max hit points.

Temporary hit points is the one you describe: you gain some extra health, and when you take damage, it is first subtracted from these temporary points. If you lose the ability, anything that remains of these points is discarded. It’s kind of like an extra buffer for damage.

The second is when your max hit points is decreased. In that case, you keep the damage you took. So if you took 50 damage, after the max hit points decrease you will still have 50 damage. That means indeed that when an item or ability gives you an extra, and then you lose it, you might die when you are low on health.

I played a barbarian in Pathfinder, and they have the ability to ‘rage’, which gives you extra hit points. But when he would become unconscious, he would stop raging, and therefore lose the extra hit points, which would probably kill the character.

So for now I implemented the 2nd option, where the damage is kept. But maybe in the future I could also add the temp health points.