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I was about to post a question going into this direction.  Instead of “on touch” as the main feature, have “actions” instead of it and inside that , ge the scripting window, with commands like “on touch/contact” (what means on touch? if i click on the actor? or if my character “collides” with it?   “if in sight range (could be defined with a value X like the range for patrol value)”, “if hurt (by hero or by other)” “if followed” etc.

Imagine the complexity and depht this might bring to the way everything interacts.  Eg.  You follow a shady dude and after a while (range X or timespan Y) he turns towards you and says “are you you following me?? can i help you, buddy?” / change music to creepy fx, fade – darken scenery by -5,  resize actor +2  etc etc etc (sorry for the escalation, hahahah, it’s just for the picture! 😉  )

>> i’m new to this and haven’t discovered everything so far – so,  if i refer to eventually existing functions – please don’t mind me.  I just read your post and – if i understood you correctly – I do absolutely agree.  More complexity = more life (ok and also more bugs but thats the challenge)   🙂