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For realizing what you mention we probably need a new kind of event. An OnTimer-event for the “are you following me” stuff should do. Additionally, we need the capability to use variables in order to do more complex calculations as well as the capability to read the actor’s and hero’s position coordinates. With this we even can program the “are you following me” stuff rather easy. This all will come someday too and it is already on DeWiTTERS list. But it will be much more work to implement than what I mentioned here.

I just meant to call the screenplay of our Actors’ OnTouch-events directly by using a screenplay command like “Call MyNPC1234.OnTouch()” or something similar. With this, you could implement e. g. a more complex check for every pickup item of the same type without the need to copy that check over and over into every single item’s OnTouch-event. Imagine you would like to change your screenplay afterwards. Up to now you need to modify EVERY SINGLE pickup item!
There could be a much better way:
By just calling an invisible (or even deactivated) actor’s screenplay you merely need to change your screenplay at THAT SINGLE PLACE and the new version will be valid for EVERY SINGLE PICKUP ITEM calling the modified screenplay without the need of changing your item’s screenplay directly.