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I fear more complex programming constructs are not possible yet with RPG Playground.

Up to now, you can assign number (floating point) or boolean (token) variables and compare them with constants but not with other variables. Other data types are not available and you cannot build more complex ones. There’re only a few events available (OnWhenTouched, OnAfterPickedUp, OnWhenHurt). But there is no OnTimer event and not even an OnActionKey event. We also have no user defined functions and not even loop-statement as well as no recursion yet. There is a trick to invoke a recursion, but this is rather cumbersome to use. Also the access to the hero’s and actors’ properties is rather limited. You cannot check e. g. in which direction an actor currently is looking. You can change your hero’s and your actors’ appearance, but you cannot upload your own graphics so this also is very limited.

But with the events available you can change the speed, force an actor to move, change allignment (good, neutral, evil), power and health of actors or of your hero etc. Have a look at the designer and “insert action” button to get an overwiew.

Meanwhile, you e. g. also can check if some item of your inventory is in possession or equipped and react to it using an if-statement. This is connected to your hero’s properties. Not all properties are accessable by screenplay yet.

If you’re interested in programming you could have a look at my tutorial for RPG Playground. You can find it by clicking [More, Help, Where can I learn more on how to make games?, Read the advanced tutioral on screenplay actions]. You dont need any programming knowledge in order to understand this tutorial. Everything is explained from the beginning. Meanwhile, the screenplay editor changed spaces into bullets. If you copy your screenplay to a text editor you’ll see that bullets still will be replaced by four spaces though.